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March 2012

Somebody just reminded me that I haven't written a newsletter in three years.   As I look back on it now it seems like things are still about the same.  We are thankful and grateful that our business is still good.  Our life is definitely in the fast lane.  Our grandson, James Lamar White Peacock is now four years old, and we really enjoy him.  I was recently told that he would soon have a new little brother to play with.  James Lamar is really excited about a baby brother to play with and share all his tanks and helicopters.  He is always the good guy.
I've been keeping Ginny busy sewing all the bling bling and beading on my embroidered western cowboy shirts.  She was selling a few, but decided it was a lot of work.  She'll keep her ole Dad in good supply, but maybe not sell anymore.  She is soon going to be to busy with the new baby boy in August 2012 anyway.
Terri's daughter's are both doing good.  Our Granddaughter, Mollee Jo, is now attending Bowie High School, and doing very well.  She has been invited to join the National Honor Society.   She has grown into quite a little lady.   Terri's oldest daughter, Ashley Carey, is now a licensed hair stylist working at Cobalt Blue on William Cannon and South MoPac (Loop 1).  Ya'll go by and see her, she is really good.  My wife, Annetta, always corrects me when I call them beauticians.  It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks or sayings.  Our daughter, Terri, has done herself proud by becoming the Best Country Dance Lesson Teacher in Texas.   This means the world to me, and I couldn't be prouder of her.  I've been working hard for about 47 years to make the Broken Spoke the best country dance hall in world, and now Terri's getting famous for her ability as a country dance teacher.  The Broken Spoke bumper sticker says "We Dance Country" and that's the way we're going to keep it. Texas has always been known for it's dance halls more than any other state.  Ya'll come out and bring your friends, so they can learn how to dance the Texas Two Step, Western Swing, and the Cotton Eyed Joe.  Dance lessons are from about 8 pm to 9 pm Wednesday thru Saturday.
Just like 3 years ago we are still in drought conditions in Central Texas.  All the lakes are down below normal of about 30' to 40 feet.  We have had a little rain this fall and spring, and my creeks are beginning to run again.  I had to sale off over half of my cattle since there was absolutely no grass and hay is out of sight in price.  They have been trucking it in from 700 to 1000 miles away, and it's just a little cheaper than an ounce of GOLD.
I've got my 73rd Birthday coming up in April, and I'll be celebrating it the week-end of April 13, 14, & 15th.  I expect to have a lot of people helping me so come on out and join the party.  In a couple of years I'll be 75 and the Broken Spoke will be 50 and that will be a really "BIG SHOW" so ya'll be looking forward to the blast.
We didn't make the Super Bowl commercial this year, but last year we had a big splash.  Jack Imgram came out with a song that showed a picture of the Broken Spoke.  It was all thanks to a HEB commercial.  One of the verses goes like this "You can't have Austin without Longhorns, Mesquite Smoke, and the Broken Spoke".   Jack Imgram had several hundred thousand hits on the internet with the song and ad.  We were also in a Dodge truck commercial.  They used the same commercial on the CMA Awards, and we saw the Spoke twice.   We really appreciate all the help we can get from the big corporations since we're just a Mom & Pop operation.
Annetta has been really working hard here lately, since our night cook Miguel has been out of commission for several months.  Miguel has been our head night cook for about 8 years, and Annetta had to take over his job.  She has been training two new cooks.  She is always busy and really didn't need this problem, but somehow we'll get through this hardship.   Miguel  finally returned in March.  You know when you own the business you get to do what ever job has to be done.  We learned a long time ago that to stay in business you have to be willing to work from sun up to sun down, and then go dancing.
Geeko from the Geico Insurance Commercial came by the other night.  He's a cute little lizard.  I got to shake his hand.  Hopefully they'll use us in a commercial.
We've been having a lot of big parties here lately.  We want to thank Tito Vodka for having Tito's 50th Birthday Party right here at the Spoke.  You know Tito Vodka is made right here in Austin, Texas.   Just this week we had a big daytime party for Wells Fargo Bank.  We bank with them and appreciate their support.  You know the Wells Fargo Bank Branch, just down Lamar from us, built a new building.  The branch manager, Kyle, called me one day and ask me if I'd like to be in their mural
which was about 8 feet by 35 feet across.  This was a no brainer!!  The bank wanted to thank a small business for banking with them and we appreciate the thought. My reply was that I'd be honored.  It's a beautifully done mural about Austin's history. Well, if you go inside to do your banking, look up and you'll see me right in the middle holding the Broken Spoke Wagon Wheel in front of the Broken Spoke.  They gave me a miniature stage coach which I have displayed in a case in the restaurant.   I'm just a good ole boy from South Austin trying to keep it country on the south side of Austin, and we ain't changin nothing.  
I want to thank Texas Highways Magazine for the great write-up and picture.  This month we will be in a write-up in Texas Monthly about when the hippies came to town in the 1970's.   I remember those days well.  We booked bands like "Freda & the Firedogs".  Freda is now known by all as Marcia Ball.  We started booking Alvin Crow & the Pleasant Valley Boys and Asleep at the Wheel about 1973.  The Hippie Flower children did their fast foot work to Country music and didn't need a partner.  The Broken Spoke regulars and me  called it the "Hippie Hop", and a lot of them didn't wear shoes.  My thanks goes to the Austin Monthly for a nice write up about dancing with a picture of my daughter, Terri.  Speaking of ole hippie's we want to thank Willie Nelson & Ray Benson for the nice show they performed here at the Broken Spoke for a private party in April 12, 2011.  Willie was great as usual!! He was performing the next night in Las Vegas.  From a Honky Tonk in Texas to the bright lights of Vegas.
I won a big Texas Holdem Tournament down in Biloxi MS.  There was 205 entries, and we played 17 hours.  I love to beat the "Young Guns". It's good to know this old boy is still holding his own.
We got the ranch in 1967 from my Great Uncle James Campbell White, and nothing had lived in the old cabin in years but the varmints.   Annetta & I didn't know much about building or remodeling when we got the ranch.  We were on a very small budget, so we remodeled just enough to get by and that was 40 years ago.  In October 2011 we started to remodel the living room by tearing out the old sheet rock when I remembered some old beer signs and oil signs that I had covered up 40 years ago.   I got Jeff Eddins, known as the "Jolly Rancher", to video and Winker "Winker with an Eye" for still pictures of the buried treasure in the ceiling.  It took awhile with Gary pulling out all the nails.  I tried to get in touch with the "Picker's" of TV fame.  Anyway I have several signs with Flash Light Gasoline, Dixco Oil, Monte Carlo Beer and Lager 2 Beer.  We couldn't save a huge Coca Cola sign.  The paint started slipping off the metal.  These signs are around the 1920's.  They show a picture of a 1927 Model T Ford.  I think they should be put in an Oil & Gas Museum.
I want to thank my good friend, Rick Holloway, for all his hard work in helping me remodel the main room (living -dining room) and add onto the 1870's ranch cabin.  Rick, Gary, Seabo, Alvaro and I did all the work.  We added a huge bathroom which has a walk-in shower with a bench and a large walk-in closet.  It was fast and furious, and we wore out Rick's nail gun and mine.  We had to borrowed a nail gun from my son-in-law, Mike Peacock.  We built the slab forms, tied the steel, poured the concrete, framed the addition which ties into the old cabin, and did the rock work.   Annetta got to put a ceramic tile mural of running horses on the wall which she had been saving for ten years.  We even got Mr. Miller to put in central air & heat.  It turned out great!  When the addition was finished, Rick Holloway said "NO More Projects!"  I think I wore him out.
I've been doing a lot of welding at the ranch.   I want to get it all done before it gets HOT again, plus I had to wait for a rain.  We have had a lot of grass fires in Texas plus one large forest fire over in Bastrop.  I've been "burning them rods' and doing a lot of fabricating as they say in the welders lingo.  This one job I'd been putting off a while since I don't like to get off the ground over about two feet.  I had to climb up on the scaffolds,  then climb up on a ladder, and then you pull the hood down and you can't see anything.  I had some good help in doing the work with my ranch hands, Gary & Alvaro.  The height doesn't bother them.  Annetta loves to go to the Antiques Fair of Round Top.  She's been buying gates for years, until I said no more gates.  I finally put up a few of her iron gates around the ranch cabin.  Some of those gates were in bad shape so that's where the fabricating came in I guess everyone will get to see all my hard work when you come out for my Birthday Party in April.
Speaking of a Birthday Party coming up March 30, 2012 we've booked DJANGO WALKER for Friday, March 30th at the Broken Spoke for his Dad's Birthday Weekend Celebration.    Annetta's booked him for my Birthday Party at the ranch in April also, so mark your calendars.
Well, I better let ya'll go.  I'll write more and sooner than 3 years the next time.  I'll turn this long hand copy over to Annetta since she's the working half of the family.
                                                                                           I'll just stay in charge of BS & PR
                                                                                                        James M. White

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